FAQ Section

Q: What is the Best of Rodox?

RODOX is a collection of the very best items from a great bundle of Danish hardcore Magazines. Hot and popular magazine titles like: Color Climax, Blue Climax, Anal sex, Lesbian love, Rodox, Schoolgirls, Sex Bizarre and Teenage Sex. We choose only the most horny and old fashioned hardcore stuff which we know for sure you would like to see.

Q: Is Rodox a free site?

A: All the samples on the frontpage can be watched for free to decide whether you like the website or not. Keeping a website like this takes quite some effort and bandwith, so for downloading all our full adult videos and image galleries we ask a small price in return.

Q: Can anybody watch the movies without downloading software first?

A: Yes, we provide all our movies in wmv format. This is a format that anybody can download and watch. We offer our movies in wmv-high for broadband users and wmv-low for dial-up modems and low speed connections.

Q: How do I access Rodox?

A: We have 2 options to access our retro image and video archive. Option 1: Become a member by creditcard, payments are monthly. Option 2: Watch anonymously by dialing a number and a code with your telephone. Have fun!!

Q: How do I cancel?

A: Click on the following link:

Rodox Cancelation Link